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We are proud to announce that we are starting our 20th year here at Funky’s. We moved to our new store in 2004 and business is just fantastic.

About Funky's Trophy

We are proud to announce that we are starting our 20th year here at Funky’s. We moved to our new store in 2004 and business is just fantastic. We added a laser engraver for those large projects. At Funky’s we can laser glass objects now along with all of the other items in the awards field. We also take credit cards now – Visa and Master Card. Here at Funky’s we deal in all types of awards and engraving services.


Custom medals make a great gift to show someone you care - celebrate someone special in your life with customized medals.


We specialize in custom-designed ribbons and engraving, offering a wide range of high-quality materials, colors, and designs to fit exactly what you need.

Medal Engraving

Our Custom engraved metals are custom made to your desired needs, from words and designs, our custom engravings are a way to add a special touch.

Glass Etching
& Engraving

We have recently added a laser engraver for larger projects, allowing us to laser glass objects for the perfect gift, or memorabilia. Call us today for a price quote!

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What People Say

So I've known the owner for several years & I've always seem him as a good guy - but I really have never had a need for trophys for any reason. Recently, my son was trying to get through that maze of planning a wedding and getting his gifts for the guys in his wedding party. The gifts are fairly easy to pick out - personalizing them to make them memorable is another whole discussion. The places he asked either said " no it'd be too difficult " or " we 'll try , but it's going to be expensive". A desperate text from me to Gary with a picture of the gift, took less than five minutes for a response & a comment that said "send him over in the morning and I'll find a way to help him out." He did help him out. The quality of the work was flawless/perfect. The responsiveness was immediate & completed ahead of schedule. We even threw Gary a curve ball with a last minute change in the process and additional work we needed done in less than 24 hours - no problem - work done perfectly , again, ahead of schedule. That's how a business owner thrives - taking better than normal care of customers. I highly recommend this business not only to my friends & family, but also to anyone who has trophy , engraving or special treatments for awards and gifts. Thanks Gary !!!
Mark Beard
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